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I’m booked for a trip in August to Northern Mexico taking a train through tequila country. Can’t wait!   I’m training my liver now for all the tequila.   Pics to follow.


This is second time I’ve been to Teotihuacan the first time I went was about 15 years ago. There’s so much more excavated than last time. If you come to […]

coyotes of coyoacan

In and Around Coyoacan

Another visit to Coyoacan It’s been a while since I’ve been in Mexico City and I had to make a stop at one of my favorite places, Coyoacan.  For those […]

Off to Teotihuacan today

I’ve been having issues with my website sorry for the lack of posts. I’m off to Teotihuacan today and will post pics later.

How I Fell for my Wife, and Mexico

A Story of Serendipity. This should have really been the first blog post I wrote.  Forgive me for the much belated story of how I both met my wife and […]

Captain Hook Cancun Pirate Cruise

An Evening of Fun at Captain Hook Cancun Pirate Cruise Wow! What an excellent dinner theatre experience.  At Captain Hook Cancun we set sail on the Black Pearl with Captain […]

La Isla Mujeres

Expect  a Wonderful day at La Isla Mujeres La Isla Mujeres (Island of Women) is a great alternative to the more cosmopolitan Cancun.  It’s a short ferry ride from one […]

Tulum Ruins

Tulum Ruins Pictorial Review Wow, what a change from 10 years ago when I last visited the Tulum Ruins.  You used to drive right up to the ruins in your […]