About Mexico Vacationer Blog

This blog is dedicated to places to stay in Mexico, Mexican Cuisine, Mexican Culture and general travel tips about vacationing in Mexico.

Mexico is a wonderful country and has everything to offer, from beautiful beaches, to nightlife, art gallery’s, history, culture and modern metropolitan cities.  Read my blog and come explore Mexico with me.

About the Author

Paul Stevens lives and works in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.  Travels to mexico frequently, loves running, blogging and internet marketing.  You can learn more about my business at Toronto SEO Company.

2 thoughts on “About Mexico Vacationer Blog

  1. Atzire Perez says:

    I love your blogs´content. They give an insight on what Mexico is all about. Keep them coming.

  2. Doug Kimmerly says:

    The villa looks amazing, looks like a great place for a vacation or even a corporate retreat. Enjoy the vacation!!


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