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The first post is always the hardest.  Hmmm, what to write about.  It probably makes sense to go back to where it all started.  Where I got married in Mexico.  My wife and I got married in a small town called Xochitepec.  Our wedding was held in a wonderful rental house called Villa Las Iguanas.

Xochitepec is very close to downtown Cuernavaca.  Cuernavaca is dubbed the land of eternal spring because the temperature hovers around 25 degrees Celcius year round.  It does get warmer in the summer, but is pleasant.  I don’t think I can do it justice by writing about it.  Here are some pictures.

I highly recommend this cuernavaca rental house for a vacation or wedding.  It has 10 bedrooms and a full staff.  If you get enough couples together staying there for a week in your own private house with fully staffed maid and cooking service is a real deal!

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