Mountains of Tepoztlan

 A Day in Tepoztlan

Tepoztlan is a great day trip from Cuernavaca.  It was about 40 minutes from Villa Las Iguanas where I was staying.  Tepoztlan is a small town surrounded by mountains.  The key attractions are the convent and the pyramid on top of one of the mountains nearby.  It’s about a 40 minute hike up steep stairs to get to the pyramid so it’s not for the faint of heart.  Unfortunately, I had to baby sit my son while my wife and her family hiked up to the pyramid.  Although, sitting in a bar watching this beautiful view, drinking beer while my son napped wasn’t so bad.


Convento de Navidad
Convento de Navidad en Tepoztlan


The Convento de Navidad is a must see in Tepoztlan.  The cathedral itself is beautiful, but the convent attached to it is remarkable.  If you’ve ever used the windows 7 Mexico theme, one of the images of the painted archways was taken here.  I tried my best to replicate it below.  Much of the convent is covered in frescos.  Unfortunately, they were originally painted by native artists who used many colours as was their customs.  The Spanish had a strict policy of only using black and white to decorate wall paintings at the time and painted over most of the frescos.  Some still remain.  For photos, the best time to go is mid morning so the sun is at the right angle to get the best shots of the archways.  Oh I wish I had a couple of hours and a tripod, as flash use is prohibited.  Anyway, I did my best.


Location of Convento de Navidad


Once you’re in Tepoztlan it’s easy to see.  Just look up, but if you need help check google maps.

Below you’ll find a photo gallery of the interior of the convent.




Tepoztlan is mystical place.  It’s kind of hippie town with markets, bars and restaurants.  It’s also a popular place to look for UFO’s.  apparently, they are attracted by the energy of the mountains.  I looked but didn’t see any.

Well, I’m at Villa Las Iguanas for a few more days of relaxing, then back to Mexico City.  I’ll be writing about the Mexico City bull fights next.  Stay tuned.