Things to do in and around Mexico City, Part 1

Gardens of Coyoacan
Gardens of Coyoacan

Mexico City is my home away from home.  I’m visiting there at  least once a year and sometimes two or three times.  Mexico City is a city of stark contrasts between rich and poor, beautiful and ugly.  It often gets a bad reputation for crime and other bad press for drugs and corruption.  However, like any big city, with a little bit of street smarts you can have a safe and enjoyable vacation.

There are so many things to see and do in Mexico City it’s hard to know where to start.  However, I guess I have to start with my favorite place:  Coyoacan.  It’s a picturesque garden disctrict of Mexico City.  At it’s center, a quant square full of out door restaruants, shops and street performers.  Any vacation to Mexico City would be lacking if you didn’t stop in Coyoacan.

Below are some pictures of the square:

Coyoacan fountain
Coyote’s of Coyoacan
Cathedral of Coyoacan
San Angel

Some other notable attractions of Coyoacan:

1.  The home of Frida Khalo. – Frida was a famous Mexican artist and folk hero.  Salma Hayek played her in a movie a few years ago.  Her “blue house” is worth a stop in Coyoacan.

2.  Museum of Leon Trotsky.  – For those of you that paid attention in your history classes.  Leon Trotsky was a fellow revolutionary in Russia with Lenin and Stalin.  After Lenin died, Stalin sought to kill off all his rivals for power.  Trotsky escaped to Mexico City where he lived in Coyoacan.  unfortunately, that was not far enough.  One of Stalin’s agents caught up with him and killed him with the famous ice pick, right in his home in Mexico City.  You can see his house with the steel doors and machine gun holes in the wall above his bed where he narrowly escaped a previous attempt on his life.  It’s worth a look!

3.  The home of Diego Rivera. Diego was another famous muralist and husband of Frida Kahlo.  Thier home is a wonderful modern art design and a must see.  Frida’s touch can also be seen here as the house is divided in two.  Frida lived on one side and Diego on the other.  There is a cat walk joining their bedrooms…. sounds like a perfect marital home to me 🙂

One last tip.  There  is a street car that tours Coyoacan several times a day.  If you hop on it will take you to all the notable spots.

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